People who live in apartments with no access to washing machine know how difficult it is to have clean clothes every day. All that running up and down, dragging your laundry around and having to sit and wait in the Laundromat is a lot of work, when you are in a rush to get things cleaned. Our portable washers are cheaper than a single washer and dryer machines combined. Before purchasing a portable washer, it is important to do a thorough research of the market to get the best value for money.
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Time to move on fancy apartment, condominium, cottage living, or adventurous RV’ing? you probably need an ideal portable compact washing machine with convenience, efficiency, multifunction,easy operation, time saving and more amazing features that enlighten your laundry work. Save on Portable Washing Machine by Haier, Sonya, Panda and more . Features available in most modern consumer top loading compact washing machines:

★Predefined programs for different laundry types
★Variable water temperatures settings, including cold, warm, hot wash
★Desired water level settings
★Delayed execution: set timer to delay the start of the laundry cycle
★Child lock function: lock the control panel to prevent misoperation by child
★Time remaining indication

Benefits with Portable Washing Machine and Compact Dryer

With various cycles, customized combinations and latest technology, the portable washer does clean the clothing splendidly, the washing performance is good as regular washing machines; and it decreases wear and tear on fabrics.

Some portable compact washers have lint filter that holds stray fibers and could be removed and cleaned easily. Heavy-duty casters enable compact washer to move to anywhere you like. It’s good to store in closet, car, trailer and storage room, and pretty easy to roll back to the sink when the laundry needed. Certainly, the hot, warm and cold water temperatures are applicable when doing the laundry. What’s meaningful, these compact washing machines generate the Eco-Friendly concept that help prevent wasting valuable water resources and electricity. In other words, purchasing a qualified portable washer does provide a long-term, cost-effective solution, and let us just watch the savings add up on your monthly utility bills.

Forget about the complicated installation and fixed giant machine, using portable compact washer only needs 3 steps: inlet hose attaches to any faucets with provided sink quick adaptor kit, drain hose place in the sink, and power on! Different kind of washers are available for bettering your bored laundry that at least one model will 100% satisfy your individual needs, top-loading compact washers with different capacities, twin-tub washers with unique design and super-compact mini washers , apartment compact dryers and more.

Help & Support?

We offer the customer service assistance through toll free, E-mail correspondence, online FAQs, Videos, installation instructions and user manuals. Our expert reviews help you make the best choice. Also, our maintenance department support customers with detailed maintenance guides with tips. All Portable compact washers cover 1 year warranty, some unique model has 6 months warranty. Don’t hesitate any more, call us right now at 1-888-329-8832 or E-mail at for more detailed information and recommendations. Let us start to explore the compact washer world!